What is this website?

The UK hospitality industry needs our support in a big way, so we built this website to make it easier to find which of your favourite hotels and restaurants are offering gift vouchers or take-away.

Support hospitality by…

Buying a gift voucher. Celebrate once this is over. 

Ordering takeaway. When you get bored of your cooking.

Adding your restaurant or hotel or pub or cafe or bar. Everyone is welcome.

Recommending someone else to this site.



How it works

  1. Use the County selector (on the homepage) to find hotels and restaurants near you.
  2. See at a glance whether they offer take-away or gift vouchers.
  3. Choose an option and go straight to the right place on their website.
  4. Whether you buy or not, please share (you can download assets below).

Download sharing assets


Are you a hospitality business?

We invite you to list your business, completely free of charge.

The only prerequisite is that you offer either gift vouchers, take-away (or both) and that you can provide an image for your listing. If you have one, you can also add a link to your COVID-19 information.

You worked incredibly hard to build your business so let’s do everything we can to maintain some revenue throughout this difficult period.

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